Demand Proof Of Spirit Identity

A certain degree of care and caution, and the employment of honest

powers of discrimination, is necessary on the part of the sitters in

cases of spirit impersonation. This not because of any lack of honesty

on the part of the medium, but because of the habit of a mischievous

class of dwellers on the planes of spirit life to falsely impersonate

other spirits as such seances. As all investigators of the subject know

well, it is not an infrequent thing for such mischievous and

meddlesome spirits to endeavor to pass themselves off as the relative or

friends of those in the circle, or even to falsely impersonate some

great historical personages. In such cases the sitters should insist

upon the spirit positively identifying himself, just as they would in

case of doubt regarding a person speaking to them over the telephone and

claiming to be such-and-such a person. And the proof demanded should be

similar to that which would be sought from the suspected telephone

talker. An honest spirit communicator does not object to such demands,

and is only too ready to do his best to furnish the right kind of proofs

concerning his identity.