Spirit Inspiration

Wallis says, concerning the nature of a certain phase of spirit control:

"In the case of speaking mediumship, where general and philosophical

ideas are to be transmitted, the control is of a different order from

that exercised for test manifestations. It is more frequently of the

nature of 'suggestion.' The spirit suggestionist suggests to the medium

a certain train of ideas, and then stimulates the brain and the organs

of expression to do the work of dressing up the thoughts and giving them

utterance. Unless the subject is a scientific or a biographical one, in

which specific terms are required and accurate data are to be imparted,

the relationship between the 'inspired' speaker and the spirit control

partakes more of the character of the engineer who feeds the fire and

directs the movements of his engine, while the machine does the work,

than it does of the actual voicing of the exact words, embodying in a

full and complete fashion the ideas the spirit wishes to have expressed.