Psychic Attunement

Those who have read the above carefully stated opinion, will begin to

see the reason why certain mediums who have attained the greatest

proficiency in certain forms of mediumship, and who have become what are

known as "reliable mediums," almost always have some particular spirit

guide or guides with whom they have become in almost perfect psychic

harmony and attunement. These harmonious spirits are not only enabled to

xpress themselves with a high degree of clearness and power through

their favorite medium, but are also enabled to assist in the production

of the best rapport conditions between other spirits wishing to

communicate and the said medium. There is a certain amount of spiritual

and psychic co-operation between spirit and medium which is attained

only by practice and continued association, which results in a psychic

attunement between them. The closer and more harmonious the relationship

existing between a spirit and his medium, the thinner is the veil

separating the two planes upon which they dwell.