No Loss Of Individuality

In concluding this part of our book, we would call your attention to the

following statements made by writers along the lines of spiritualism in

the leading journals of that school of modern thought. The first writer

says: "There is no need for the medium to decline to be influenced or

controlled, by spirit friends for fear of losing his 'individuality,'

any more than he should insist upon asserting his freedom and refuse the

aid of tutors, lest they should infringe upon his sacred

'individuality.' What are called the unconscious phases of mediumship

generally lead up to loving co-operation with the wise and kindly souls

of the higher life in efforts to establish the fellowship of man; to

bring knowledge where ignorance now reigns; to banish the darkness by

the light of that spiritual communion which shall yet be a blessing to

the race; and reliance upon higher powers in or out of the body does not

mean that we sacrifice our own abilities, nor do we thus become exempt

from responsibility. Quite the reverse. It is the arrogance of

individualism against which we protest. In fact, there is no abiding

strength of purpose apart from the dependence every well-ordered mind

should accord to the Infinite Light and Wisdom and the beneficial

services which His wise and loving ministering spirits can render to us

if we are desirous and responsive."