Gradual Development Of Powers

Most mediums develop their powers of mediumship gradually, and pass

through a number of stages in their development of power. At first

they may obtain only raps, or possibly the tilting or movement of

tables. Then, very likely, they are moved to write, either

automatically or else inspirationally. Later they experience the

impulse to allow the spirit control to speak through their vocal

organism, but it is seldom that
he spirit is able to do this at first

trial, as the medium is not as yet sufficiently sensitized or attuned

to the spirit, and, instead, they can but gurgle, gasp, and make

inarticulate sounds, or else shout, laugh, cry, or sing, and possibly

jabber some strange jargon or unknown tongue, or else simply utter a

series of sounds lacking in definite meaning. Later, the inarticulate

sound is succeeded by definite sentences--perhaps a message, or a

short address. Sometimes the spirit control will endeavor to relate

some of his earth-life experiences, or perhaps even to give an

impersonation manifestation. Often several different spirits strive to

manifest through the developing medium, taking turns as manifestation,

holding the control for only a few minutes and then giving place to

his successor.