Development Practices

This class of experiments, while open to the objection that there may be

more or less muscular direction consciously or unconsciously given by

the sender, nevertheless tend to develop proficiency in both sender and

receiver. In fact, such experiments are perhaps one of the very best

methods of developing projecting or receiving power along the lines of

occult or psychic forces. This because the persons become familiar with
/> the psychic processes involved, and their efficiency becomes increased

by practice and experiment. This plan is like that of teaching a child

how to walk by means of holding its hand, allowing it to rest on chairs,

etc. In practicing such experiments, the receiver will soon become

conscious of receiving the thought message in what may be called a

"wireless flash," instead of by the slower, and less clear process of

transmission through the physical body of the sender, and thence through

his own nerves. When the sender begins to experience these flashes of

consciousness, he is ready to proceed to the next stage.