Mental Atmospheres

A well known American writer on this subject has said concerning this

point: "There are many places today filled with the thought-vibrations

of minds long since passed out of the body. There are places filled with

the strong vibrations of tragedies long since enacted there. Every place

has a mental atmosphere of its own, the same arising from the

thought-vibrations set in motion by the various persons who have

or occupied them. Every city has its own mental atmosphere

which has its effect upon persons moving into them. Some are lively,

some dull, some progressive, some old-fogyish, some moral, some

immoral--the result of the character of the early settlers and leading

spirits, of the place in question. Persons moving into these towns are

affected by the mental atmospheres thereof, and either sink to the

general level, or else, if strong enough, help to change the mental tone

of the place. Sometimes a change in conditions bring a large influx of

new people, to a town, and the mental waves of the newcomers tend to

bring about a marked change in the local mental atmosphere. These facts

have been noticed by many observing people who often have not been

familiar with the principles underlying and producing the facts which

the observers have so clearly discerned."