Involuntary Transmission Of Mental Vibrations

Mental vibrations emanating from the brain of the individual take on the

form of wave-like movements in the ether, which are accordingly known as

"thought-waves." These thought-waves are constantly being sent forth

from the brains of all persons, and after being sent forth they spread

in space from the immediate neighborhood of the person originating them,

to a distance proportioned to the strength and power energizing the
/> original mental state. These thought-waves have the power of awakening

and arousing into activity corresponding mental states in other persons

coming within their field of force, according to the laws of Mental

Induction. It should be noted here that the activity aroused in the mind

of the receiving person is accomplished by the setting into vibratory

motion the Chitta or Mind-substance of that person, just as the

receiving diaphragm of the telephone is set vibrating at the same rate

as that of the sending instrument, and thus the original sound-waves are