Advice To Discouraged Mediums

A writer gives the following excellent advice to young mediums who have

become somewhat discouraged at their lack of success, and slowness of

progress: "You have been already informed that you are a medium, and

that if you sit you will develop special gifts. But you may say: 'I have

sat, and have not developed as I was assured I should.' That is quite

probable. The medium whom you consulted may have misjudged your

ilities; the spirit may have estimated what he could have done with

or through you, and, from his point of view, may have been perfectly

accurate; but possibly the spirits who have endeavored to develop you

were unable to succeed. People often say: 'I have been told many times

that I should make a good medium, but I have not had satisfactory

results.' When we hear such statements we are prompt to ask: 'Have you

sat for development for any length of time in a harmonious and congenial

circle? You cannot expect growth unless you give the requisite

conditions. You might as well anticipate a harvest without sowing the

seed--just because you bought a sack of wheat! The marvelous results

achieved by expert acrobats and athletes are due to their indomitable

determination to succeed, and their steady and continuous training of

eye, and muscle, and nerve. They concentrate their attention and focus

all their powers, and are at once temperate, patient, and persevering in

their experiments. The same spirit of devotion; the same firm attitude

and watchful attention to all the details; and the same observance of

the conditions, physical, mental, moral, and spiritual, are needed if

you would educate yourself and become a fit and serviceable instrument

for exalted spirit intelligence to afford humanity the benefit of their

experiences "over there."'"