Avoid Cross-magnetism

A popular mediumistic writer has given the following excellent words of

warning to young mediums: "Do not go into public promiscuous 'developing

circles.' There is always a danger of 'cross magnetism' and disorderly

manifestations in such gatherings. Owing to the mixed and inharmonious

mental, moral, and physical conditions which necessarily exist where a

number of strangers and curiosity seekers are attracted, you run the
/> risk of being affected by undeveloped, unprincipled, frivolous,

mercenary, self-assertive, or even immoral spirits, who, being attracted

to such assemblies, seek to influence incautious and susceptible people

who ignorantly render themselves liable to their control. The people

'on the other side' are human beings of all grades; they are not morally

purified by passing through the death-change; and as we are constantly

sending into their other state 'all sorts and conditions of people,' you

need not be at all surprised if you get into intercourse with the vain

and foolish, the unreliable and pretentious, or the selfish and sinful,

if you indiscriminately open the doors of your psychic self and give a

free invitation to any spirit 'passer by.'"