Appearance Of Materialized Substance

As the power increases, and the conditions become stabilized and

perfected, the manifestations will become more pronounced. It often

happens that cloudy nebulous bodies of psychic substance are formed and

float around in front of the cabinet, like clouds of steam or vapor

illumined by a dim phosphorescent light. Sometimes attempts will seem to

have been made to form these clouds into the semblance of the human

body, an
often these bodies are more or less incomplete, as for

instance the arms may be missing, or else there may be dark holes where

the eyes, nose, and mouth should be. It may be stated here that the

sitters should not be frightened by these sights, nor should mental

agitation be permitted to manifest too strongly, as such conditions act

to retard further developments. Sometimes perfect hands and arms

materialize, but apparently not attached to a body. These hands may

float out over the circle, and may touch the members thereof. In rare

cases these hands take articles handed them by members of the circle,

which articles are then "dematerialized" and vanish from sight,

afterward appearing in other parts of the house. Large articles of

furniture have been known to be dematerialized in this way.